Exploring God’s word to discover our place in the story of the Holy Spirit and Temple of God.

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Welcome to Bought at a Price! We’re honored and blessed to have you as part of our God reflecting family.

We believe everyone was created in the image of God and all Christians are the temple of God, the Holy Spirit’s dwelling place. How amazing is that?!

Our mission is to take women on a redemptive journey towards understanding the way God views your body, lifestyle, and role in His kingdom. 

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Our Why

Bought at a Price is part of a dream God placed on our hearts, a dream to help you realize just how valuable you are and why you have every reason in the world to hold your head high, put a smile on your face, and take great care of yourself.

Together, as sisters, we’ll support each other and live our lives as the most fantastic temples of God we can be.

This is a high calling but together, we can become all God created us to be.

We Understand it’s not just magazine covers anymore – it’s the Instagram feed, the self-help books, the endless barrage of “healthy” recipes on your Pinterest page, all sending you messages about how to take care of your body and mind.

Here at Bought At A Price we’re committed to bringing you solid, biblical wisdom combined with practical sciencebacked lifestyle tips to help you care for yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically.


Get started with these posts...

4 Tips for Keeping Your Body Beautiful & Healthy

A quick google search shows that women want to know about beauty. These 4 tips for keeping your body beautiful and healthy are about caring for yourself the way you’d care for God’s physical dwelling place – His temple. Read more…

Whats the Purpose of Spiritual Gifts?

Wikipedia says the purpose of Spiritual Gifts is to “edify (build up), exhort (encourage), and comfort the church.” Gotta love Wiki – it’s got answers for everything in life…What Wikipedia missed, though, is that spiritual gifts can be used in your workplace, home, community, and well… anywhere and everywhere God calls you. Read more…

A Bitter Journey – an Honest Look at Women’s Struggle with Weight Loss

Do you find yourself asking “why is it so hard for me to lose weight”? You aren’t alone. There are more than 18 reasons women struggle to lose weight. If you’re reading this you’re likely hoping I’ll give some kind of weight loss secret or tip. I’ll put this right up front – I won’t, exactly. Instead we’ll journey into God’s Word and weave our weighty story into Naomi’s. Read more…

You can find our other posts under the Explore the Bible and Staying Healthy headings. Each heading has three subtopics that relate to the spiritual and physical aspects of you and your life, as the temple of God.

Learn More About Us...

Hannah has a deep love for helping people realize who they are in Christ and helps lead a small group that equips men and women to become and make disciples. She also leads two ladies bible study groups. Learn more about Hannah…

about bought at a price, hannah

Sarah was born and raised underneath the evergreens of the great Pacific Northwest, where she learned to appreciate home cooked meals, coffee before church, and thoughtful conversations. Learn more about Sarah…

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Our Most Recent Posts

How to Improve Memories + Fun Ways to Remember Things - memories are a welcome reprieve quote

How to Easily Improve Memory + Fun Ways to Remember Things

An unknown author said “Memories were a welcome reprieve from the worries of my day” and in so many cases they are just that. If memories are a reprieve, how can we improve our memory and save the things we want to remember? Those are the questions we’re going to answer and provide solutions for today. If you’re ready to kick your memory making into high gear we’ve got: 7 easy ways to improve your memory and 7 fun ways to remember things.

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Stones of Remembrance - Reminders of God's Goodness

Stones of Remembrance – Reminders of God’s Goodness

There’s a quote about remembering God that I absolutely love. Ibn Ata Allah said: “He whose wealth or children distract him from remembering God is lost; but the one who remembers God experiences delights sweeter than the pleasure of food and drink.” Remembering God is so important but remembering all God’s done can be tough. God told Israel to use stones as a means of remembering all He did for them. While I don’t expect you to go stack rocks in your backyard each time God does something, we do need to remember God’s faithfulness, provision, and instructions.

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108 Great Questions for Any Situation

108 Great Questions to Ask in Any Situation

If you’re breathing air into your lungs you’ve probably wondered, “what questions should I ask in x,y, or z situation?” Coming up with the right questions for the many different scenarios life throws our way can be tough. Enter this list of 108 questions. We’ve come up with good questions that’ll work no matter your audience. From fun to downright tough, we’ve got your question asking needs covered.

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Asking Good Questions that Pursue the Heart

Asking Good Questions that Pursue the Heart

Have you ever walked away from a conversation knowing you asked all the wrong questions? Wondering what in the world you should have said to help the other person? Asking good questions is tough. Some people are good at it but for most of us…we have to learn. Asking good questions shows we truly care and can help others grow spiritually. We’re going to use questions God asked Adam and Eve to learn how we can love others by asking good questions.

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12 Easy Steps for Stopping Food Cravings

12 Easy Steps for Stopping Food Cravings

You start your day with a healthy balanced breakfast, pack a beautiful salad for lunch, and head out the door determined to stop craving junk food and sugar. Then life happens and the handful of M&Ms became the bag and the bag became a pint of ice cream before bed. How in the world are you going to stay away from food temptation and stop food cravings?
You aren’t alone. Anyone can have cravings for unhealthy food and there’s a multitude of things that can lead to food cravings.

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A Biblical Guide for Overcoming Temptation

A Biblical Guide for Overcoming Temptation

A German saying states “the devil catches most souls in a golden net” and when it comes to temptation, this is so true. Overcoming and staying away from temptation is tough. It’s golden net takes on many forms and waits to nab us with every step. How Christians stay away from, and overcome, the “golden net” of temptation is what we’re going to explore today.

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